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DUVALTEX launches brand-new website to showcase its CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ brand

As an ongoing mission to develop innovative textiles that are more sustainable, DUVALTEX is pleased to announce its new CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ brand website. Get all the details on this exciting new phase!

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Your favorite acoustic, upholstery, and multipurpose fabrics are now available online!

Enhancing your acoustical, panel, or upholstery projects with contract-quality textiles is easier than ever. Guilford of Maine's team has selected its most popular styles and made them readily available to help you materialize your vision. The legendary acoustical fabric FR701, our multipurpose Anchorage, and Whisper's contemporary weave, among others, are just a few clicks away!

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Medical textiles


Longstanding experience in the healthcare market

Duvaltex has been developing and weaving medical and technical textiles for the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Our high-performance medical textiles protect both the patient and the healthcare personnel with advanced fabrics that meet the most stringent specification standards and deliver the utmost in protective capabilities.

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