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The top name
in technical knitting

As the leading US designer and producer of technical weft knits, Teknit crafts custom components for multiple industries, producing special fabrics in virtually any pattern or design for office or auditorium seating, fabric partitions and screens, sport apparel, automotive applications, and even decorative accessories.

“ Teknit design engineers work hand-in-hand with industrial designers during product ideation to incorporate integral knit solutions directly into their final design. It's a win-win for everyone who's involved. ” Brent Early, Teknit Sales Manager

Knit-to-Fit Design Reflects
Close-Knit Collaboration 

Advanced technical weft knitting technology makes it possible to knit textile components in a single piece, with no cutting or sewing required, and no bulky seams. Components are literally knit to fit the furniture or product they've been designed for, either as a three-dimensional shape or a suspension mesh fabric. And the design and patterning potential is virtually unlimited.

Teknit fabric solutions significantly reduce the labor and waste typical of conventional cut and sew applications—a great way to benefit your bottom line.