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Engineering textile innovations

At Duvaltex, we engineer, design and manufacture advanced and sustainable textiles for the military, utilities and oil & gas industries, and fire services. Leading innovation in personal protective textiles, we collaborate with our clients to meet the most stringent specification standards. We use groundbreaking technologies to create innovative textiles that can be used to enhance product design, add value to products, or reduce environment impact.


State-of-the-art facilities

Our Canadian and American state-of-the-art facilities offer unmatched capabilities to meet all our client's production needs – no matter the volume. They also have the capability to run small trials, while on-site R&D labs allow for quick testing – empowering us to quickly bring new textile innovations to market.

All products manufactured at our American facilities are Berry compliant, and all products from our Canadian facilities meet Made in Canada requirements.



At Duvaltex, we engineer high-performance, inherently flame-resistant and non-flame-resistant camo print fabrics with IR compliance, for combat and tactical gear. Our textiles offer the ultimate in protection, comfort and durability. They are utilized in clothing designed to protect members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Armed Forces, government agencies, federal law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies.

Our U.S. plants ensure that your product will be Berry compliant, while our Canadian plants answer to Made in Canada requirements.


Fire Services


Duvaltex engineers and manufactures base textiles for wildland firefighting and station wear garments. Our high-breathability textiles deliver the most efficient combination of protection and comfort for daily operations.

Textiles designed specifically for:

  • Wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977)
  • Station wear (NFPA 1975)


Oil and Gas & Utilities


Duvaltex is dedicated to manufacturing advanced fabrics that provide arc and flame-resistant (AR/FR) personal protection for workers. Our textiles are specifically designed to meet and exceed the NFPA 2112, CGSB 155.22, NFPA 70E and ASTM F1506 requirements for utility workers.

  • Dual-inherent FR
  • Custom-designed capabilities
  • Colorfast and match
  • Anti-stat




Duvaltex advanced medical textile expertise
Leading innovation in specialty textiles, we engineer, design and manufacture ground-breaking fabrics for both the medical and the security industries. With high-performance medical textiles and equipment that meet the most stringent specification standards and deliver the utmost in protective capabilities.

  • Reusable gowns
  • Reusable scrubs
  • Cubicle curtains

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